My 2023 priorities and goals

I know there's plenty of wisdom this year saying, "don't set goals," "don't do new years resolutions!" and I get the gist; I'm here for it, and I understand it. But I like doing these things; it helps give me compass points to head to in the year.

Here's what I've got on my mind for the coming year:

  • Break down goals & priorities into quarters and check in at the end of them, see what went well and what didn't, and adjust as needed.
  • Spend more time with folks. This could be friends at a get-together, strangers at a meetup, etc.
  • Recompose my body. A big goal of mine for years has been to lose weight and gain muscle, and I'm finally taking the proper steps to make that a reality. There's a fit little dude in my head when I picture myself, and I want to make that a reality.
  • Branch out at work - meet the right people, and dig in. Focus on leaning into either tech leadership or management.
  • Read 40 books (I read 34 last year, this is doable)
  • Make sure some of those books aren't sci-fi or fantasy (I read 34 sci-fi and fantasy books last year. This might be doable)
  • Plan a wedding!
  • Visit two places in CO or surrounding areas with Jana. Either Moab, a nice mountain town, or something else.
  • Help others create meetups, communities, and more for the Denver Tech scene.
  • Write more, blog more.