A new design, and I can write again!

I tend to fixate. I focus on a problem and tend not to let it go until it's done.

That problem was this little redesign of mine. I haven't written much for the past two weeks because I've been focusing on updating my website.

Oh, I'm also impatient, so some content is still WIP, and there are some little tweaks I need to make, but I'm happy with where I landed on this design. My focus was to simplify and lean more into making it friendlier for reading.

When I rolled out my original blog design, I didn't expect to like writing as much as I did, but here we are — so making it easier for the content to shine was a big priority.

To hold myself accountable, here's some stuff I know I need to get to with this new design:

  • Fix some JS errors in internal pages
  • Get Cloudinary to serve up HTTPS instead of HTTP, a goofy thing.
  • Some typography tweaks to the whole thing (typography is my weakness)
  • Alignment tweaks (like the RSS feed icon in the header on sub-pages, grr)
  • Getting that Lighthouse score to 100's. They're super close, but I like 100s.
  • Let me know if you see anything else or have any feedback or constructive criticism!

    Anyway, thanks for being a reader; I hope you're doing well!