Monthly wrap-up, April 2023

  • I took it super easy in April. With Denver Devs shutting down, I could disconnect from a lot of the burden—both self-imposed and actual—there.
  • I watched a ton of standup comedy clips on Instagram. I haven't been a "mindlessly scroll through videos" kinda guy in the past, but the comedy stuff hooked me — it's nice was nice to burn an hour or so just giggling along.
  • I gave my neglected gaming backlog some love and progressed in Elden Ring (I'm past the fire giant, finally), beat Cult of The Lamb, finished the new Horizon Burning Shores DLC, and checked out a few new games. I'm already deep into Star Wars: Jedi Survivor and having a good time there.
  • We had a couple of little birds living in one of our vents during April. I'm not a bird person by any means, but I think they were House Finches. They'd pop in and out, chatter, and perch up on our string lights to get a view of the courtyard. It looks like they've moved on already, but having guests for a bit was nice.
  • Helped my buddy Kyle move some couches into his new house. He said, "I needed help moving and thought: who do I know that's been lifting weights for months" and so I was there :D Congrats on your homeownership Kyle!
  • I finished five books this month, my favorite being Red Team Blues by Cory Doctorow (who has long been one of my favorite authors).
  • We caught the new D&D movie Honor Among Thieves in theaters. I loved that — it was a fun little movie with plenty of references to keep a D&D nerd like myself entertained.
  • To wrap up April, my folks were visiting my brother and swung by for a couple of hours to relax and chat with us. I love spending time with my folks in a casual setting. My dad retires soon! I'm super happy for him. He deserves a rest.

Favorite things this month:

  • Relaxing. Finally, getting a chance to shut off my brain for a bit and chill (when not at work)
  • Our bird friends and how they'd wake me up in the morning with chatter
  • Seeing my folks
  • The beautiful weather in Colorado and how everything is turning green

Photos from the month:

We caught some sun one afternoon on the patio of Ratio Overland and got some cool new pint glasses for Colorado Pint Day.
We got some cool new wall lights behind our couch since no other light was working. They're pretty fun, what do you think?