Monthly wrap-up, May 2023

  • We started this month by heading to the Furry Scurry in Denver, a cool marathon where folks bring out their furry friends and make a lap around the park. We don't have pets, but we like to go to watch and support them.
  • RuPauls All Stars season eight is here, and we've been heading out on Fridays to watch that with friends, which is just too much fun. I'm rooting for Jimbo because, damn, they're absurd.
  • I went to Catalina Island for my buddy Kyle's bachelor party. It was three days on the island, just drinking, playing games, and hanging out. I'm not good at any drinking games. Oops.
  • We caught the latest Guardians of The Galaxy in theaters. I did not expect that to be so heartfelt, but it was. Worth a watch!
  • I also picked up Tears of the Kingdom, which is partially why I haven't written anything for a while. What a fantastic game. It's amazing how much stuff they packed in from a technical standpoint.

Favorite things this month:

  • Tears of the Kingdom
  • Checking out Bluesky and getting overwhelmed by the wild stuff there
  • The trees and plants are turning green

Photos from the month:

Overlooking the bay of Catalina Island, from ground level, with boats dotting the water and foggy mountains in the distance, an overcast gray sky.
A foggy Catalina Island