Monthly Wrap-up, Mar 2023

  • Well, the big news in March was that I finally shut down Denver Devs after eight years. You can read more about that on this post:
  • I recaptured some space in my head once I announced the DD shutdown, and it felt incredibly nice.
  • We went to our first comedy show and watched Atsuko Okatsuka at Comedy Works in Denver. We loved it, be sure to go check her out! She has a special on HBO that's good.
  • My fiance, Jana, quit her job and is heading to Flatiron school to take their Product Design / UI / UX boot camp. She's been doing design professionally for agencies for almost seven years and wants a change of pace. I couldn't be happier for her!
  • Caught a few good movies this month: Triangle of Sadness, Aftersun, and John Wick 4, all with very different vibes but worth a watch if you're looking!
  • We went to Emo Nite down at Summit music hall, which immediately hit us with thoughts of our good buddy Drew. We sang, screamed, and boogied in that place for almost four hours. I'm still recovering.

Favorite things this month:

  • Watching way too many comedy skits on Instagram
  • Choosing to burn my time a little mindlessly while I wind down from Denver Devs
  • This video is of Bob the Drag Queen trying Kahmora Hall's makeup and melting down. I love it:
  • Writing this post on our patio, in the sunshine, soaking up the 70-degree heat and mild breeze.

Photos from the month:  

Photo of a laptop with a small bottle of prosecco and a glass
Just one of a few minutes before shutting down Denver Devs. We had a mini bottle of prosecco left over from something else, so I figured... why not :D