A straight hit of nostalgia for an... app?

Once upon a simpler time, way back in 2012 before flat design was popular, I created Clear in partnership with Milen Dzhumerov and Phill Ryu.

The Clear video trailer went viral overnight racking up over a million views, and the app launched directly into the #1 spot in the App Store charts. It was a wild ride.

Over the past ten years we all drifted onto other projects, but I have some exciting news… Phill from Impending has taken on stewardship and is launching Clear 2 later this year.

It’s bold, colourful, and more fun than ever.

You can sign up here:

Dan Counsell via Mastodon


And from the official Clear account

Watching this video sent me back to my little desk in the back of the building at the agency I was working. It was my first job out of college—I had graduated the year before—and I was a sponge for anything design and tech. In the first few seconds of the video, I cast judgment, "What is this, more flat design?" but then, five seconds in, they do that reverse pinch to make a new item, and something clicked.

I used Clear for most of my tasks for a few years and honestly loved it. There were just so many delightful little interactions to it that put it in a realm all of its own at the time. Of course, this was before I felt the need to have everything deeply connected in the Mac ecosystem, to have what I did on my iPhone effortlessly mirror over to my laptop. So I was content with this brightly colored gradient of little boxes to slide around and track the stuff that lived on my phone and only my phone.

I've tried to stick with a to-do app off and on since. Todoist was my champion for a long time, but I was using maybe 5% of its potential. So for the past few years, I've just been plugging random bits into the iOS stock Reminders app.

I'm excited to see the new Clear 2.0; maybe it'll be that simple reminders app I need—with just the right amount of delight most apps are missing nowadays.