Hi, I'm Dan.

I've been working as a Front End Developer, occasional designer, for boutique advertising agencies since 2011. In 2018 I changed gears to product/SaaS work and I couldn't be happier.

Currently, I'm tapping away on a React app at AirDNA — a startup specializing in Vacation Rental Data — where I like to use my skills to build out and polish the UI/UX for our users and aid communication between design & development internally.

I've also worked with some great folks and clients at top-notch agencies like Legwork, Deloitte Digital, and The1stMovement.

Side Projects & Hobbies

Since 2015 I've managed Denver Devs — a community of 9000+ developers & techies based on Slack. Besides making sure the channels stay tidy, I designed & built the Denver Devs website — which is currently using VuePress with some AWS Lambda sprinkled in. I'm working on bringing it over to Gatsby with a new design and a lot more features. You can view that code in the Denver Devs Github org.

My hobby time is spent being a forever Dungeon Master for D&D, 3d printing, painting miniatures, board games, and video games.

Want to chat about running a community, frontend stuff, or how to not TPK your party in D&D? Drop me a line on Twitter or Email.

There's also my Instagram, CodePen & LinkedIn.