See ya later Denver Tech community

Welp, I'm hanging up my hat for all things Denver tech community-related. After running Denver Devs for a while and now Denver Tech Social Club for a year, I've decided it's time to pack it in.

Thankfully, DTSC will be taken over by two wonderful folks: Zach Green is at the helm, and Brett Hazen is stepping in for the Meetup group. These two are amazing, and I couldn't be happier to hand things over to them. I predict some great things are going to happen when they do!

As for me - I'm done. No more meetups, Discords, Slack, etc. It's been a good ten years, but it's time I fizzle out and go do other stuff. Thanks to everyone who supported my little endeavors - Denver Devs, the social club, the meetups, all of it. I am happy to have met so many wonderful folks over the years.

Feel free to drop me a message on random social media or at my email ([email protected]) if you want to keep in touch :)